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Protech is a theatre equipment and material handling specialty contractor delivering high quality, cost effective products.

Recognizing the challenging demands of being a full service theatre manufacturer and installer, Protech remains attentive to the diverse needs of our customer base. Our reputation has been earned by having a proven track record for getting the job done right, on schedule and within the budget proposed. A commitment to these goals from design to project close out is core to our business.

While we offer design-build services, Protech recommends the use of qualified Theatre Consultants for the vast majority of projects. In specifying Protech’s products, Consultants can be confident in getting a quality product that is reliable and safe. Our quality assurance and testing programs and commitment to creating innovative solutions back this up. We demand of our engineering department a seamless exchange of ideas and information to implement your design criteria.

Contractors find in working Protech, a capable and efficient theatre rigging company. Being that many trades are rarely accustomed to the unique challenges of theater installations, our team helps to educate the construction team and be a lookout for potential conflicts before they become problems. Our Administration liaison is experienced in all aspects of public works requirements. Protech’s engineering staff is effective ensuring submittals are produced in a timely fashion. The benefits of having an experienced partner are realized in our careful approach to addressing coordination and scheduling issues while being flexible and responsive.

We support our end users with technical support and low cost solutions. We endeavor to provide long lasting, safe, and robust equipment that we stand behind. With many of our employees having a background in technical theater, the needs of stage crews to keep a show on schedule are at the core of what we do.

Protech’s dealers are provided with engineering solutions and products that both exceed industry standards and give you the best chance at success on bid day. Our track record of on time equipment delivery, field support, and equipment longevity is second to none.

  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Design-Build
  • Engineering Services including calculation packages and PE stamps
  • Permanent Installations
  • General Contracting
  • Fast track construction
  • Custom product development & actualization
  • Project management, installation supervision, and coordination
  • Certification and Testing
  • Training, education, and support for both contractors and users
  • Public works, OCIP, PIP, CRA, Certified Payroll, A/A
  • Union, non-union, prevailing wage, and project labor agreements
  • Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) Certified Riggers
  • OSHA certified labor

From its origins as a rigging installation company, Protech has always placed the highest priority on safety. The health and safety of the individual employee or user of our equipment, takes precedence over all other concerns. Protech has administers a comprehensive and continuous occupational Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) for all employees. Management’s goal is to prevent accidents, to reduce personal injury and occupational illness, and to comply with all safety and health standards. Our policies and procedures are continually improving worker safety and loss prevention by reducing General Liability and Worker’s Compensation claims, which positively impacts construction costs. Our safety track record is excellent, including being recognized by the Perini Construction President’s Safety Award.


The program administrator has the authority and is responsible for overall management and administration of the IIPP. All supervisors are responsible for carrying out the IIPP in their work areas. A copy of this IIPP shall be available from each supervisor, who can answer employee questions about this program.


Employees who follow safe and healthful work practices will have this fact recognized and documented on their performance review.

Employees who are unaware of correct and health procedures will be trained or retrained.

Willful violations of safe work practices will result in disciplinary action in accordance with company policies.


Matters concerning occupational safety and health will be communicated to employees by means of written documentation, staff meetings, formal and informal training and posting.

Communication from employees to supervisors and/or safety representatives about unsafe or unhealthy conditions is encouraged and may be verbal or written, as the employee chooses. The employee may use the Report of Safety Hazard form and remain anonymous.

No employee shall be retaliated against for reporting hazardous or potential hazards, or for making suggestions related to safety.

The results of the investigation of any employee safety suggestion or report of hazard will be distributed to all employees affected by the hazard or potential hazard, or posted on appropriate bulletin boards.


Each and every Protech Project is assigned a safety supervisor. Each supervisor and/or safety representative will conduct inspections/investigations to identify unsafe work conditions and practices:

  • Daily in all work areas documented in the daily Job-Site Log Book.
  • Bi-weekly in all work areas documented by using the Job-Site Safety Audit Checklist.
  • Whenever new substances, processes, procedures or equipment introduced into the work-place present a new occupational safety and health hazard.
  • Whenever the supervisor/safety representative is made aware of a new or previously unrecognized hazard.
  • The Hazard Inspection Form will be issued to document these inspections/investigations.


Occupational injuries and illness will be investigated in accordance with established procedures and documented, as described in Protech’s Basic Rules for Accident Investigation.


Protech takes note of each individual contractors safety policies and customizes every job site safety plan to both the GC’s practices and the specific site conditions.

Evolving from a stage rigging Installation Company, Protech prides itself with having a unique approach to its operations as a manufacturer. We realize the importance of fabricating equipment with diligence, paying particular attention to its placement and cohesion to the environment in which it’s intended. Our growth as a company has been integrally linked to a broader consideration of ‘field’ conditions and how they impact our fabrication methods. In short, our expertise as an installation company has created a filter to improve the way in which we fabricate, package, transport, and sequence the delivery of our product. Development of these processes provides an intrinsic value to our customers while advancing our philosophy to produce the highest quality product within the industry both on time and in budget.

At Protech we understand that the critical component of our success in the theater business lies in the reliability and safety of our products. It is for this reason; we routinely perform load cycle and destructive testing on all our products. Tests are carried out by an independent testing firm with theatre specific applications in mind and are used to determine safe working load parameters..

We don’t take lightly the enormous responsibility of hanging equipment over head, evidenced by the fact that we use only load rated hardware and Grade 5 fasteners on all our rigging installations. We believe in our equipment and processes, and will provide upon request, certification that our products meet or exceed industry standards. Protech offers a full two year warranty on its equipment. Since operating as a manufacturer in 1988, having completed over 2,000 projects large and small, we have never had a catastrophic failure of any of our products.